How to Install Torch7 on Jetson TX1

This article describes how I install Torch7 on Jetson TX1. Note that Tegra X1 is an arm64 (aarch64) platform, which doesn’t seem to be natively supported/tested by Torch7 developers. As a result there might be tweaks required when we download Torch7 source package and compile it on Jetson TX1.


  • Complete installation of JetPack-2.3.1 (latest version for the time being) on the target Jetson TX1.
  • Especially make sure CUDA toolkit (nvcc) is working on the target Jetson TX1.


Installation Steps:

 ### Within a terminal, run the following commands
 $ git clone ~/torch --recursive
 $ sudo apt-get install libopenblas-dev
 $ cd ~/torch
 $ vim install-deps
 ### comment out line #194 of 'install-deps' which reads "install_openblas || true"
 $ bash install-deps
 $ ./


  • I basically follow the official Torch7 documentation.
  • Using the pre-built OpenBLAS package on TX1 could save a lot of compilation time.


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