Nintendo AI Agent Training in Action, Finally...

I finally managed to put everything together, and started training my AI Agent (DeepMind's DQN) to play 'Galaga' on Nintendo Famicom Mini. Hopefully the AI could learn in a couple of weeks to play significantly better than the random player so that I could report the progress then...

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Letting a Random Agent Play Galaga

A random agent (player) playing Galaga can get an average score of 6314.3! Hopefully my AI agent could do much better than that after training.

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Galaga Game Environment

I integrated the vidcap, galaga and gpio modules and finalized a Galaga game environment API which is similar to xtari, the Atari game emulator.

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Using cuDNN to Speed Up DQN Training on Jetson TX1

I found it was quite easy to enable cudnn in Torch7. I was able to reduce DQN training time by 1/3 on Jetson TX1 with change of only a few lines of code.

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Accessing Hardware GPIO in Torch7

I developd code to control GPIO outputs from Torch7. This should work for not only Jetson TX1 but other Linux platforms as well. The code could be extended to handle GPIO inputs too.

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Galaga (小蜜蜂)

I picked this Nintendo Famicom Mini game as my first target for the AI agent!

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